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06Mar 2015

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27Apr 2015

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13Sep 2017

Plastic is a problem; it´s true that it´s convenient, food safe and easy to use regarding food packaging but each year 8m tonnes of it end up in the ocean, and it´s predicted that 30 years from now there will be more plastic at sea than fish. This situation is not sustainable in the long […]

18Oct 2017

The products we consume and throw away are a problem; plastic is a major one, but most people haven´t realized yet how much of a problem it really is and how long it takes for everyday items to decompose. From a sustainability perspective, answering that question is critical. In fact, we should reduce consumption of […]

29Dec 2017

Continuing in line with what we have been talking about in our previous blog posts and to finish this topic, we will answer some questions that people generally have about biodegradable and compostable materials. So, what really is compostable packaging? Compostable packaging is packaging made from renewable resources such as starch (from corn or potatoes), […]

27Jan 2018

We live in a world where companies are fighting for attention through visual marketing and therefore branding your business has become vital. We at Cafe Brands understand your company needs and are here to help you promote your business through our products with the most suitable and convenient solutions for your requirements. It should not […]