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05Mar 2024
Sandwich packaging

Imagine walking into your favourite cafe, where the aroma of fresh coffee blends with the sight of the most inviting sandwiches you’ve ever seen. Their secret? Not just what’s inside, but how it’s wrapped. At Cafe Brands, we’re turning sandwich packaging into an art form that’s as good for the planet as it is for […]

29Feb 2024

As we move into 2024, the catering industry is on the brink of a green revolution. It’s a year that heralds a shift from the old ways of single-use plastics to a brighter era of sustainable service. This transformation is not just a trend, it’s a response to a global call for action, where eco-friendly […]

22Sep 2023

The urgency of moving to a more sustainable economy has never been more apparent. Society has to move quickly if a climate disaster is to be averted. One small but significant step that businesses can take immediately is to switch to eco-friendly packaging. In this guide, we offer plenty of hints and advice on businesses […]

16Aug 2023

With climate change consistently in the headlines, global awareness of our planet’s health is at its peak. Consumers, as key change agents, are pushing for a sustainable future. The focus? Moving away from excessive single-use plastics to demand eco-friendly packaging. This shift underscores the need for businesses to recognize and adapt to the sustainable packaging […]

24Jul 2023

For decades, the issue of food packaging has been addressed by chucking more plastic at the problem. This is an unsustainable approach, and savvy consumers are aware of this and are turning away from single-use plastics in their droves. For food vendors, this presents a unique challenge – how to deliver their street food in […]

31Mar 2022

We are all acutely aware that the world is teetering on the edge of an environmental disaster. None too soon, this awareness has seen consumers increasingly make purchasing decisions based on the “environmental ethos” of a business. Packaging is one of the most visible aspects of business operations. It is also one of the worst […]

16Aug 2021

Trends and customer requests influence the food, beverage, and restaurant business. Concerns regarding sustainability and the environmental effect of meal delivery are growing in tandem with the number of individuals buying food online. Sustainable food packaging is now more important to two out of three customers than it was five years ago. Sixty-six per cent […]

22Apr 2021

Oceans currently cover about 70 per-cent of the Earth’s surface, so it comes as a surprise to no one that oceans have been some of the most impacted by the modern world’s environmental changes. A 2014 study by the National Academy of Sciences’ Proceedings claimed that 88% of our oceans are now polluted. Even though […]

19Mar 2021

The appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant many households adopting several new procedures to contain and prevent the virus. And most of these procedures involve disposable this and that, which has put to the second plan an also very much present plague: climate change. In all fairness, for effects of personal hygiene and overall […]

06Mar 2015

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13Sep 2017

Plastic is a problem; it´s true that it´s convenient, food safe and easy to use regarding food packaging but each year 8m tonnes of it end up in the ocean, and it´s predicted that 30 years from now there will be more plastic at sea than fish. This situation is not sustainable in the long […]

18Oct 2017

The products we consume and throw away are a problem; plastic is a major one, but most people haven´t realized yet how much of a problem it really is and how long it takes for everyday items to decompose. From a sustainability perspective, answering that question is critical. In fact, we should reduce consumption of […]

29Dec 2017

Continuing in line with what we have been talking about in our previous blog posts and to finish this topic, we will answer some questions that people generally have about biodegradable and compostable materials. So, what really is compostable packaging? Compostable packaging is packaging made from renewable resources such as starch (from corn or potatoes), […]

27Jan 2018

We live in a world where companies are fighting for attention through visual marketing and therefore branding your business has become vital. We at Cafe Brands understand your company needs and are here to help you promote your business through our products with the most suitable and convenient solutions for your requirements. It should not […]

14Mar 2018

We have created the following Infographic to help demonstrate why it is vital to start thinking a bit more about our actions and consequences for the environment of the products we consume on a daily basis. We at Cafe Brands are doing our part with our biodegradable and compostable food packaging solutions that can decompose […]