How the Clean Label Movement Affects Food Packaging Design

Clean label has reinforced the demand for simplicity and higher quality ingredients and while there seems to be no clear industry consensus on the features that constitute a “clean label”, most of the food companies understand the fact that a clean label should be fully understandable by their customer base at first sight.

People care about unique product qualities and as healthy food becomes more and more important, highlighting the natural features of their products such as flavours and colours as well as the ingredients used on the finished product, can be key to advancing the idea of cleaner labels.

Adopting news Standards

The Clean label concept has two defining traits: clean labels are easily understandable to the customer, and they showcase the grade and quality of the ingredients used on the product. They also have other aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked such as the company values behind the manufacturing process and the way the products affect your health.

The packaging should also have some sustainability given that more and more consumers are aware of the dangers of plastic and are opting for products packed in minimal and individual containers made of recyclable or biodegradable materials.

The Slow and Steady Shift to Safer Packaging and Cleaner Labels

It’s safe to say that the customer base of almost every brand has some high expectations about the sensibilities of the corporations manufacturing the products they consume.

With that in mind, many of these companies have made radical changes to their branding by choosing to use an eco-friendly, biodegradable or compostable packaging material to package their products and cleaner label designs that go front and centre with a clear description of the ingredients contained on it.

Also, some of the most in-demand requirements by a large number of consumers such as gluten-free options, non-GMO, organic, all-natural or low sugar are now beginning to have special emphasis on the outside of their packaging.

While there is a perceived notion of individual companies trying their best to create a strategy aimed to their particular customer bases, the “Clean label” is slowly starting to become a standard notion for the food and catering industry. This is why food packaging company’s like Cafe Brands have a big role on this change by providing new eco-friendly food packaging and new front-of-package wording and design to better promote these clean label products.


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