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Bagasse Tableware

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Range of plates and bowls, and hinged takeaway boxes made from bagasse – recycled sugar cane fibre. Suitable for hot / wet / oily foods, microwaveable, freezable and completely compostable. Our source-reduced products provide great rigidity at a lower weight, giving savings on material and cost.

CodeProductCase count
SL-P0066in bagasse signature plate1000
P0117in bagasse plate500
P0139in bagasse plate500
P00510in bagasse plate500
P02010in bagasse oval plate500
L00312oz bagasse bowl500
L04414oz bagasse bowl500
P010-SR6.75in source-reduced bagasse plate500
P006-SR8.75in source-reduced bagasse plate500
L010-SR16oz source-reduced bagasse bowl500
VPSQ-066in square bagasse plate500
VPSQ-088in square bagasse plate500
VPSQ-1010in square bagasse plate500