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Bagasse Tableware

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    Range of plates and bowls, and hinged takeaway boxes made from bagasse – recycled sugar cane fibre. Suitable for hot / wet / oily foods, microwaveable, freezable and completely compostable. Our source-reduced products provide great rigidity at a lower weight, giving savings on material and cost.

    Code Product Case count
    SL-P006 6in bagasse signature plate 1000
    P011 7in bagasse plate 500
    P013 9in bagasse plate 500
    P005 10in bagasse plate 500
    P020 10in bagasse oval plate 500
    L003 12oz bagasse bowl 500
    L044 14oz bagasse bowl 500
    P010-SR 6.75in source-reduced bagasse plate 500
    P006-SR 8.75in source-reduced bagasse plate 500
    L010-SR 16oz source-reduced bagasse bowl 500
    VPSQ-06 6in square bagasse plate 500
    VPSQ-08 8in square bagasse plate 500
    VPSQ-10 10in square bagasse plate 500