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Baker’s Choice Label

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Wheat sheaf motif label in two sizes

Baker’s Choice features a simple wheat sheaf motif: a dusting of floury white on a textured background. Timeless, quality labels especially created to work with a wide range of bakery goods. Available in two sizes – the small label is ideal for basic product labelling and the large label comes in two parts, ensuring barcodes and nutritional information don’t interfere with front of pack presentation.

Name: Baker’s Choice Labels
Format: Matt labels on sheets for laser or inkjet printers
Size: Small 49x60mm (16 per sheet)
Box: 500 sheets = 8,000 labels
Code: BAK006

Size: Large 49x60mm + 49x75mm = 49x135mm (Split Label – 8 per sheet)
Box: 500 sheets = 4,000 labels
Code: BAK007