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Our award-winning compostable cutlery is made from cornstarch in the form of CPLA. It is sleek and strong and takes heat up to 85C.

Meal kits are wrapped in compostable film. Bespoke printed packs can be supplied on request.

CodeProductCase count
VKN77in Natural Starch Knife1000
VFK77in Natural Starch Fork1000
VSP77in Natural Starch Spoon1000
VW-KN6.56.5in Compostable White Knife1000
VW-FK6.56.5in Compostable White Fork1000
VW-SP6.56.5in Compostable White Spoon1000
VW-KN65B6.5in Compostable Black Knife1000
VW-FK65B6.5in Compostable Black Fork1000
VW-SP65B6.5in Compostable Black Spoon1000
MUKG1000576.5in Compostable Mint Knife1000
MUFG1000576.5in Compostable Mint Fork1000
MUSPG1000576.5in Compostable Mint Spoon1000
VW-KFSWNCompostable Meal Kit (6.5in Knife, Fork, Spoon & Napkin in Biofilm)250
VSP3C3in Tutti Frutti Multi-Coloured PLA Ice Cream spoon2000
VSP44in Tea Spoon2000