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Deli Containers

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Range of PLA deli and salad containers up to 32oz. Perfect eco-friendly presentation for deli produce and salads. Hinged-lid and separate lid options available. Plants not plastic mean 78% less CO2.

CodeProductCase count
CF-DC-088oz PLA round deli container500
CF-DC-1212oz PLA round deli container500
CF-DC-1616oz PLA round deli container500
CF-DC-2424oz PLA round deli container500
CF-DC-3232oz PLA round deli container500
VDC-120PLA round deli lid (fits 8 – 32oz deli)500
VDC-120FPLA round deli lid, outside fit (fits 8 – 32oz deli) container500
VKD-088oz PLA rectangular deli container450
VKD-1212oz PLA rectangular deli container450
VKD-1616oz PLA rectangular deli container450
VKD-150LPLA rectangular deli lid (fits 8 – 16oz deli) container450
VKD-2424oz PLA rectangular deli container300
VKD-3232oz PLA rectangular deli container300
VKD-193LPLA rectangular deli lid (fits 24 – 32oz deli) container300
P60021oz PLA deli bowl600
P70024oz PLA deli bowl600
C143PLA bowl lid (fits 21 – 24oz deli) container600
VHD-08250ml PLA hinged lid container300
VHD-12375ml PLA hinged lid container300
VHD-16500ml PLA hinged lid container300
VHD-24750ml PLA hinged lid container200
VHD-481000ml PLA hinged lid container200
GM0408Deli topper – 300ml – 800 per case800
GM0409Deli topper – 400ml – 800 per case800
GM0410Deli topper lid – 400 per case400