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Natural/Simply Natural Labels

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    Natural/Simply Natural Rectangle Labels and Round Labels. Textured, kraft labels create a rustic yet contemporary feel. Kraft labels on sheets for laser or inkjet printers.

    Available in rectangle – 9 and 16 per sheet formats. perfect for use on the natural baguette bag, multi-bag and deli paper. Made from ribbed kraft paper with additional brand elements; ideal for creating a rustic yet contemporary image.

    Available in round – 12 and 24 per sheet formats, the small circle is perfect for promoting specials, while the large circle is ideal for printing basic product info on salads, wraps, bags and more.


    Name: Simply Natural / Natural Rectangle Labels
    Size: 55 x 90mm (9 per sheet)
    Box: 500 sheets = 4,500 labels
    Code: SIM001 (Plain) / NAT001 (Eco Images)


    Name: Simply Natural Rectangle Labels
    Size: 47 x 67mm (16 per sheet)
    Box: 500 sheets = 8,000 labels
    Code: SIM004 (Plain)

    Name: Simply Natural / Natural Round Labels
    Size: 64mm (12 per sheet)
    Box: 500 sheets = 6,000 labels
    Code: SIM002 (Plain) / NAT002 (Eco Images)


    Name: Simply Natural Round Labels
    Size: Small 40mm (24 per sheet)
    Box: 100 sheets = 2,400 labels
    Code: SIM003 (Plain)