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    Takeaway Packaging


    When it comes to food delivery services, disposable takeaway packaging offers the most suitable way to present food, both hygienically and aesthetically. Well-designed takeaway packaging is also a great way to showcase the food, providing convenience and functionality.Whether you run a café, takeaway restaurant, or mobile food truck, it’s essential to provide your customers’ right takeaway packaging options.

    Great for corporate hospitality or delivery to your customers’ door. Our range of large, medium and small Takeaway Delivery Boxes enable first-rate, eco-friendly, fully Compostable presentation for your Food or Meal Kits, ensuring it is always well preserved and conveniently accessible to be enjoyed.

    Perfect for every type of foods from healthy, gourmet or something more indulgent, your special chef burgers, sandwiches, or any other food products will definitely be well protected and look even more mouth-watering and appetising with our takeaway packaging.

    We can also provide Branding Labels to really make this product your own. Whatever your needs for takeaway food packaging may be, Cafe Brands is here to help.

    Sold flat-packed in boxes of just 50, these sturdy, space efficient platter boxes provide an ideal solution for packing and delivery and can easily be stacked whilst in use.

    Name: Natural Large Platter Box
    Size: 452 W x 82 H x 313 D (mm)
    Box: 50 platters
    Code: NAT012
    Name: Natural Medium Platter Box
    Size: 308 W x 78 H x 223 D (mm)
    Box: 50 platters
    Code: NAT014
    Name: Natural Small Platter Box
    Size: 220 W x 77 H x 152 D (mm)
    Box: 50 platters
    Code: NAT015
    Name: Large Inserts
    Size: 306 W x 77 H x 220 D (mm)
    Box: 50 inserts
    Code: INS001
    Usage: Large inserts can be used to divide the Large Platter Box into two halves
    Name: Small Inserts
    Size: 211 W x 77 H x 153 D (mm)
    Box: 50 inserts
    Code: INS002
    Usage: Small inserts can be used to divide the Large Platter Box into four quarters or the Medium Platter Box into two halves