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Humans are visual creatures. We are attracted or repulsed, by the visual look of a product. And this is even more true when we talk about food and food packaging.

People tag everything, especially if it’s something they particularly like. On Instagram, you will find millions of tagged posts about food.

We love to share our dining experiences and preferences. Those images all over social media are great for publicity as the younger generations are more likely to turn to social media platforms for recommendations than visiting sites such as Tripadvisor. Most people will base their likes on the dishes they tend to find visibly appealing.


Due to the current situation, people aren’t going out for dinner and are ordering takeaways instead, so there is less chance you can amaze them with your food creations primed for Instagram-photography.

You may find that your food still makes its way onto social media platforms as people at home often share a snap of their latest order. However, it doesn’t quite match up to the beauty of a beautiful dish plated to perfection. And if photos aren’t being shared online, keeping your social media up and running can be quite challenging. Not a good situation in today’s digital world.

Packaging is the key

As mentioned above, when it comes to food, the first point of call tends to be the visual aspect of the meal. It is often said that people tend to eat with their eyes, and that is true. When we eat, we look at the food in front of us, and we instantly find it delicious or not, and that’s before we’ve even taken the first bite.

When it comes to Takeaway food packaging, not only does it have to fulfil its primary purpose, but it also should look pleasing to the eye.

Customers these days see takeaway and delivery as a convenience service but also as a luxury experience. They seek food that is not only delicious but also well packaged and presented. All of this makes for a satisfying experience for the customer.

Due to the ever-growing trend of the Takeaway industry, companies are now driven to re-think their food packaging designs, to find ways to stand out amongst a budding growing number or competitors.


Packaging is an excellent marketing tool for any business. By use of clever design and custom label printing, you have the perfect canvas for presenting your brand to the world. And the whole range of packaging design doesn’t just stop at the takeaway container housing your delicious food, you can also deliver it inside a savvy paper bag with your business card attached. All this helps to cleverly embed the name of your company into the mind of the buyer.

The consumer is by far your best advert when it comes to marketing. If customers like what they see, and get, they are most likely going to share their positive takeaway experiences with family and friends, and post about it on social media too.

Functionality plays an essential role which is to preserve and protect the food, but that should not limit its creativity and visual appeal.

With all the world spending more time at home, this can be your moment to shine.

Now is the moment to think about your packaging. Does it reflect you as a brand? And what about your business ethos? Are you concerned about the environment and use biodegradable and compostable food packaging in your business?

Takeaway delivery is no longer just about practicality or convenience. In essence, it’s about the luxury of being able to experience and enjoy a fantastic meal, on-demand, in the comfort of your home.

At Cafe Brands we offer a wide range of Takeaway packaging that aren’t only functional, cost effective and visually appealing but also environmentally friendly. So, don’t wait any longer, contact us today!