The Rise of Irish Coffee Culture | Cafebrands

It’s no secret that over the last decade or so coffee culture has become of bit of a trend, prior to that it was generally tea that topped the list for hot brew preference, but now that we’ve seen the introduction of many multi-national coffee chains it seems to have given rise to new found love of coffee, and I think it’s here to stay.

A whole new level

People seem to have a taste for coffee these days, and it’s no longer just your average instant cup. With professional coffee machines being more common in homes and offices across the country, we’re talking specialities like latte macchiatos, flat whites, cappuccinos and much more. A decade or so ago, many people probably had no idea about what type of coffee to order (when faced with a menu offering a variety), but these days people know exactly what they want and don’t mind paying a bit more for it.

Take a stroll through any city or any town these days and you’ll find it hard to not stumble upon a coffee shop, as well as the multi-national chains we are even seeing individual owned, often quirky or artisan boutiques which are all bustling with business.

The Irish are no strangers to coffee, with Irish cream and Whiskey both being the perfect acompaniments, however with today’s revolution even the Irish have began taking things to a whole new level. Combining Italian and North American culture and adding a bit of the old Irish charm, what’s not to love?

Irish Coffee Revolution

With plentiful Coffee roasters dotted around Ireland it’s hard to not taste what the menu has to offer, as well premium roasted beans of the highest standards you can also choose which milk you’d like to accomplish your brew, oat, soy or almond take your pick! The Irish love the new coffee culture as it offers a new way of socialising and for any health-conscious seeking to cut down on their alcohol intake it’s a welcomed promise.


Of course, the Irish love to offer the consumer what they want and if that involves ethically sourced grounds as well as efficient and eco-friendly catering disposables – which is 100% compostable shall be it. These days we see a more friendly range of disposable drinking cups as well as a range of other accessories which Irish coffee bars are proudly promoting, we will specifically cater to a business on a personal level with branding and design, adding that extra touch to modern advance.