Ways to Reduce Your Company's Food Packaging Waste | Cafebrands

The current global situation and the environmental impact resulting from businesses has led people to start reflecting on their personal and business’ practices.

The problem with office food waste

Having a fully stocked fridge for your staff Google-style may be great for boosting their motivation and morale. Still, it would be best if you start looking into reducing this undeniable appealing proposition in favour of a more sustainable approach.

Overflowing fridges more often than not result in severe food waste, not to mention food packaging waste. Even with recycling practices in the office, it is still imperative to reduce all the superfluous waste.

If you are interested in getting your company’s sustainability on track, here are some tips on how to reduce food packaging waste with the added bonus of not having to forsake their favourite snacks.

Monitor food consumption

No, you won’t be spying on what others are eating every day. But gauging the weekly consumption of staff food stock for a couple of weeks or a month will give you an estimate of the levels of food consumption and whether your order frequency is adequate or too high for what is required.

Checking the food items’ use by date to see if they are regularly being consumed or on the other hand, they’re pointlessly being restocked is also a great idea.

Furthermore, this will also give you an insight into your worker’s favourite snacks, and the ones that aren’t that much in demand.

This monitoring won’t have any impact on the way you are currently sourcing your food items, whether you go to a wholesaler or a scheduled supplier, it merely turns your restocking more in line with the actual needs.

Shop at Local Greengrocers

If you are regularly restocking your office food supplies in big retailers, you should consider switching to local greengrocers with package-less options for some fresher products, compostable packaging for others, and even refill systems.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Takeaways

Office spaces are generally surrounded by food businesses to capitalise on the flow of workers in the area. In cities like Dublin, you will always have a multitude of places to lunch or take away and all compete to draw you in.

This is where you can personally make your position and, more than just select a restaurant by their menu, choose a place that also offers eco-friendly packaging for takeaway. Steer away from Styrofoam and plastic containers and go for biodegradable and compostable alternatives.

This may seem a small step, but if you start adding up all the weekly containers and delivery just for your lunch during a year, you will conclude the impact this can make.

Hire Catering Services

Want to have something prepared for your team to celebrate a special occasion or simply to keep them going and working motivated? Why not offer them a different special lunch?

And we aren’t talking about those traditional buffets for business teams as the number of plastic containers, and protective fill will be too overwhelming for the amount of food you would get in return.

Do it properly and hire event caterers who can get you a fantastic service and special treats on your bespoke request, all served in eco-friendly catering disposals.

The whole atmosphere will feel that bit more exclusive and memorable for your co-workers, making them extra motivated with this quality, fresh lunch.

Browse around for some local caterers, and you’ll be amazed by the offers on hand, including corporate packages with companies in mind.

The current pandemic situation means that we all have to be extra careful in everything we do, and although the use of individual coffee cups and other types of disposable food packaging containers is not the perfect solution, it is somewhat mandatory given the present circumstances. But you can always minimise the adverse effects by using the eco-friendly options in your business.

At Café Brands, we have eco-friendly container solutions for every type of quick meal. From cold food containers for yoghurts or salads to deli bowls and packaging for your tacos, sandwiches or any other finger food, not to mention compostable disposable cups for hot and cold beverages.

Don’t forget to order them in bulk to reduce added transportation and packaging as well.