Why Transparency Is Essential In Food Packaging Design | Cafebrands

Transparency in food packaging design can be taken literally or figuratively, and today more than ever, consumers are highly interested in both.

In the literal sense, most consumers like transparent windows that let them see the item of food they are buying without having to open the product’s package.

Figuratively, however, transparency is a little more challenging to pin down. Mostly, consumers want the packaging to be informative and straightforward. Providing “clean labelling” is an effective way to add transparency to food package design.

Clever labelling

In order to stand out in a mass-market of branded products amongst a vast array of retailers, ensure that your item is more transparent than the next! Labelling is essential, and adding the so-called “clean label” is a significant aspect. Clean label is not definitive; it means different things for different products. It can be used to advertise that the products are gluten-free, GMO-free, organic, etc. Whatever you are trying to sell, the packaging label should be clear and precise if you wish the consumer to choose your item over the next branded version.

A healthier way of living

Consumers today are getting more and more interested in the natural ingredients, or lack of artificial ingredients, present in the food they consume. When packaging designs clearly inform about the product’s ingredients, they attract a lot more consumers than do packaging designs that are harder to understand, or that obfuscate the information they want to know.

Sustainable living

Many consumers are opting for the more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, like biodegradable and compostable, over the regular plastic ones that have been used for such a long time. Again if this is what you are portraying, it’s vital to incorporate that kind of transparency to your food packaging design.

Eco-friendly packaging is a popular choice nowadays, and many companies have already jumped on the bandwagon with this one. Ultimately, it’s about listening to the consumers and giving them what they want, and research shows that the market is growing towards packaging with sustainable properties.