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    Cups made from sustainably-sourced board lined with cornstarch not plastic. Double wall cups can be supplied with a full colour custom print with a lead time of 3 weeks and minimum order of just 1000 cups. Free custom prints on single wall cup orders of 50k per size / design.

    Code Product Case count
    NAT009 8oz Natural Hot Cup 1000
    NAT010 12oz Natural Hot Cup 1000
    NAT011 16oz Natural Hot Cup 600
    GTR022 8oz Gastro Cup 1000
    GTR023 12oz Gastro Cup 1000
    GTR024 16oz Gastro Hot Cup 600
    BOT001 8oz Botanical Hot Cup 1000
    BOT002 12oz Botanical Hot Cup 1000
    BOT003 16oz Botanical Hot Cup 600
    LV-4 4oz White Hot Cup 1000
    LV-6 6oz White Hot Cup 1000
    LV-8 8oz White Hot Cup 1000
    LV-12 12oz White Hot Cup 1000
    LV-16 16oz White Hot Cup 1000
    LV-20 20oz White Hot Cup 1000