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    NutriLogic Plus is a simple and effective program that does all the hard work for you. You create the recipes and NutriLogic Plus works out the nutritional values. Providing you with the tools to fully inform your customers, promote a professional image and support any nutrition claims made.

    The NutriLogic program is a database using the “McCance & Widdowsons – The Composition Of Foods” which contains over 1,200 of the most commonly consumed foods in the UK.

    The program allows you to create recipes by selecting the ingredients and then inputting the weight of each ingredient that you are using for each of your products. NutriLogic will then calculate the full nutritional breakdown, quantitative ingredients and also allergen information. This can easily be transferred into the LabelLogic program to print on your labels. Once set up, if you change an ingredient in NutriLogic, the nutritional and ingredient boxes in LabelLogic update automatically.

    Instant nutrition analysis on your own pc:

    • Link to LabelLogic for fantastic looking labels
    • Simple ‘drag and drop’ usability
    • Save time and money – no need for expensive laboratory analysis
    • Simple calculation of ingredient percentages (Q.U.I.D.S)
    • Supplied with an extensive database in conjunction with Food Standards Agency and the Institute of Food Research
    • Free support and upgrades
    • Download Here

    Name: NutriLogic Plus
    Supplied on: CD ROM
    Code: NLP001

    For advice on the legal requirements and regulations for food labelling please check with the relevant organisations. If you have any further software enquiries please contact us on the number below.