Printed Compostable Hot Cups | Double-Wall Printed Hot Cups

Printed Hot Cups

If you are looking for a way to protect the hands of your customers from your hot drinks on the go, you’ve come to the right place! We offer premium, highly insulated printed hot cups that are eco-friendly, leak-free and disposable.

Our double-wall drinking cups offer highly efficient thermal protection, making it possible for everyone to hold them without needing any additional sleeves or clutches.

A double wall hot cup is perfect for those coffee tea hot drinks and other beverages like cappuccino, espresso and hot chocolate being an upgrade from the more traditional single wall cups.

Full-colour wrap printing of our incredible biodegradable cups.

When you combine these cups with our extensive experience in printing and design, you’ll get a perfect example of highly effective drinkware branding.

By adding your logo to your hot cups, you will easily increase your business’ brand awareness. The moment your customers leave your store with their hot beverages in a designed printed cup, everyone they meet will inevitably be exposed to your business and your brand.

Our plant-based biodegradable double wall disposable coffee cups and lids are perfect for coffee shops, looking elegant and being very versatile without negatively impacting nature contrary to the ones made from regular plastic.

For us no design is too complicated. Regardless of the complexity of your idea, whether it’s as simple as a one-colour logo or an intricate one we will deliver. Using our top of the line printers and high-quality inks, we will help you represent your business by branding the perfect cups.

Looking for style and substance?

Made from certified FSC board lined with Polylactic Acid (PLA) a corn-based resin lining, our disposable cups are non-toxic, chemical-free and 100% compostable in an industrial composting facility.

These cups come in a variety of sizes, and we can also provide completely compostable sip thru lids that will fit each cup size. Moreover, they comply with the EN13432, which is the European standard for composability, so you can assure your customers that they are drinking out of a fully eco-friendly cup.

Let our eco-friendly version of disposable cups help your business grow.

Environmental awareness is increasingly present in the catering sector. More and more companies in the industry are concerned about finding a range of environmentally friendly products that may also be a calling card for those looking for them.

The differentiating factor is often what leads to consumer choice, and many times the existence of a keen environmental awareness is the starting point for a more satisfied customer.

If your business is environmentally aware, it sends a positive message to consumers about your company’s values. Being green will boost your brand’s reputation and help you grow your customer base with people who will appreciate your commitment to the environment.

So why not use our biodegradable cups in your business and pass that information to the customer when they order your products? Your customer will know that they made the right choice when they decided on a service that shows they care about the ecosystem.

Cafe Brands hot cups not only look good but are also great for your business’s sustainability requirements too!

Follow this trend and make a conscious choice for your customer, your business, and nature.

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