Unbranded Compostable Packaging - Biodegradable Packaging

Unbranded Compostable Packaging

CafeBrands supply Irelands largest range of compostable packing designed specifically for the food service industry. All of our compostable packaging is 100% natural and 100% compostable, being fully certified to European Composting Standard EN13432.

What is Compostable Packaging?

Similar to Biodegradable items, for an item to be qualified as compostable it needs to break down into natural elements within a short period of time after to it has been disposed. However Compostable materials go one step further than this and also break down into nutrient rich soil which can then be used for composts.

From hot and cold disposable cups to our award-winning compostable cutlery, from sandwich packaging to takeaway boxes and a lot more, our high-quality eco friendly Packaging is biodegradable and compostable, made from cornstarch, bagasse – recycled sugar cane fibre, and other compostable products and provide a sustainable certified compostable alternative to plastic, paper, and styrofoam.