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Sandwich Packaging


Sandwich Packaging

Gastro-standard-wedgeSandwiches come in an abundance of varieties, and so does its packaging, which is why we have a vast selection of packaging choices, in varied styles and designs, to cater for all your business needs. 

Sandwich packaging is one of the best differentials that your business can have, as it protects, conserves and promotes your product.

Investing in this type of packaging is a great way to publicise your brand because it provides product customisation, favouring your advertising and visibility in the market.

But how to choose the appropriate packaging for this type of snack?

Your sandwich packaging should:

  • Be made of non-toxic material;
  • Keep the sandwich sanitised, preserved and looking good;
  • Does not transmit smell or any residue to the product;
  • Be resistant to weight and changes in temperature and humidity.

We understand the importance of delivering fresh produce to your consumers

Sandwich packaging not only has to keep contents safe and fresh proficiently, but it also has to be sturdy and strong and be able to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear.

Therefore, our products are of the highest quality to ensure that your food items are preserved safely and securely and maintain their freshness for longer.

Our selection of resourceful disposable sandwich packaging includes bags for baguettes and sandwiches as well as sandwich boxes and wedges. Our range comes in many different styles, colours, sizes and shapes, so you will definitely find something suitable for all of your catering needs.

The importance of Eco-Friendly in today’s society

Life today moves fast, people are always on the go, but what has also become apparent is the growing awareness of eco-friendly packaging, since customers are more concerned about the environment like never before.

More and more consumers are looking for well-designed and differentiated biodegradable and eco-friendly products. Investing in this type of material for your sandwich packaging is a great option to stand out among competitors, in addition to attracting more customers and retaining those who already buy from you.

Our sustainable sandwich packaging is compostable, plant-based and plastic-free. 

Lightweight, affordable and efficient disposal

Our designs are suitable for all types of catering industries from catering companies to local shops, delis, cafes and bakeries. Take a tour below to discover our range of packaging perfect for packing sandwiches, rolls, wraps and baguettes plus much more.