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Palm Leaf Tableware

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    Tableware made from Areca palm leaves which have naturally fallen to the ground before being pressed into shape. Natural and free from chemicals. Completely compostable yet sufficiently durable and robust to be used in the microwave or oven.

    Code Product Case count
    PL05HX 5in hexagonal palm dip bowl 100
    PL06SOUP 6in palm soup bowl 200
    PL07RO 7in round palm plate 300
    PL08RO 8in round palm plate 200
    PL10RO 10in round palm plate 100
    PL08OV 8in oval palm plate 200
    PL10EG 10in egg-shape palm plate 100
    PL10EGPT 10in egg-shape partition palm plate 100
    PL12EG 12in egg-shape palm plate 100
    PL06OB 6in rectangle palm plate 300
    PL08RT 8in rectangle palm plate 200
    PL10RT 10in rectangle palm plate 100
    PL08SQ 8in square palm plate 200
    PL10SQ 10in square palm plate 100
    PL10HX 10in hexagonal palm plate 100
    PL06HT 6in heart palm dish 450
    PL14OV 14in palm platter 100