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Soup/ Hot Food Containers

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Completely compostable and stylish food container and lid combination. The containers are made from heavy weight cornstarch-lined board, and the lids from high-heat cornstarch in the form of CPLA. Perfect for everything from frozen yoghurt to hot soup – with either clear domed lids for cold or flat bio lids for hot.

CodeProductCase count
NAT020Natural Pot 12oz1000
NAT022Natural Pot 16oz500
GTR025Gastro Pot 12oz1000
GTR026Gastro Pot 16oz500
SC-066oz soup container1000
SC-088oz soup container1000
SC-1212oz soup container500
SC-1616oz soup container500
SC-2424oz soup container500
SC-3232oz soup container500
LID00512/16oz flat bio lid (fits 12/16oz soup pot)1000
LID00612/16oz flat pot lid (fits 12/16oz soup)1000
VL90D90mm dome PLA cold lid (fits 6 – 8oz soup)1000
VL115D115mm dome PLA cold lid (fits 12 – 32oz soup)500
Q4Large soup clutch (fits 12 – 32oz soup)1400