All you need to know about Food Packaging Design and Marketing | Cafebrands

Your food product may be one of the tastiest and nutritive around, but if it does not attract shoppers at you store of food stall, all your marketing efforts go in vain. This is where smart packaging comes in. Food Packaging Design and Marketing goes hand in hand.

Read on to find out more about how they are important to ensure a successful product.

What does Design do for your Product and where do you start?

The packaging design on your product establishes your brand and its value in the minds of consumers. This, in turn, urges them to pick out your item and try it out.

The benefits of good packaging design are many:

  • Your product gets noticed and stands out on the shelves
  • Makes it easier for consumers to recognize the brand and product.
  • Builds a brand value and trust in the minds of consumers
  • Indicates that your food product has high safety and quality standards

A few fundamentals must be talked about before you start working on your package design:

  • Who are your target consumers?
  • What key features does your product exhibit?
  • What is its Unique Selling Proposition?
  • What is the story behind it?
  • Who’s your competition?

What goes into the Design?

A few important elements that go into the design are:

  • Colour: This is the first thing that draws people to your product. Different colours have different stimulating and soothing effects on us so use it cleverly and wisely to induce the desired effect.
  • Shape: A shape of a product can be instantly recognized and makes it stand out. So, play with shapes to design an attractive and eye-catching package cut-out, which is also functional and easy to stock.
  • Visuals: The visual imagery helps in conveying a certain message and mood to the consumers. They can be used to tell a story, with attractive and striking graphics.
  • Words: One of the most important aspects of food packaging is copy writing on the package. If used cleverly, words have a psychological effect on the consumers and influence them to choose your brand’s foods over others.
  • Typography: The font you use for your copy must support its story and the product’s utility. They can be modern, casual or formal with bold prints and bright colours to bring out the copy.
  • Materials: In most cases, the materials you use for packaging control the overall designing options and choices you have. The same brand label can produce different effects when placed on the same container but with different material and finishing.

In this regard, using biodegradable and compostable food packaging and catering disposables keeps your product at an advantage over the rest. This is because it shows customers that your products are environment friendly as well as your brand cares for the environment, thereby increasing their loyalty towards your brand and your brand’s value. It also gives you a chance to do PR related activities and lower your waste disposal rates.

Summing up:

Keeping these crucial points in mind, come up with a witty product packaging design with your marketing and advertising team before launching your food product, in order to ensure your product becomes an instant sell out and a consumer’s favourite.