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12Sep 2019

Society has changed extensively the last couple of years, today more-so than ever people are practicing Eco-Friendly lifestyles. Living a greener way of life has become somewhat a trend and for many its second nature these days to simply go green. Most people are aware of the damage already caused to our environment, and although […]

17Aug 2019

Transparency in food packaging design can be taken literally or figuratively, and today more than ever, consumers are highly interested in both. In the literal sense, most consumers like transparent windows that let them see the item of food they are buying without having to open the product’s package. Figuratively, however, transparency is a little […]

26Jul 2019

Street Food plays a significant role in today’s modern busy lifestyle. The growing demand for easy, fast, on-the-move food and drink and the massive increase of the available choices means that the market in terms of street food packaging is higher than ever before. Due to the growing disturbing news regarding ocean plastic pollution, consumers […]

27Jun 2019

Your food product may be one of the tastiest and nutritive, but if it does not attract shoppers at you store of food stall, all your marketing efforts go in vain. This is where smart packaging comes in. Food Packaging Design and Marketing goes hand in hand. Read on to find out more about how […]

23May 2019

If you have noticed a change in food trends over the past couple of years, this is partly due to millennials. Composed of people born in the early 1980s ‘til about 2004, the millennial generation is considered the largest age group since the Baby Boomers. The food choices or preferences of millennials are helping in […]

22Apr 2019

Think for a moment about the most popular sandwich shops out there and the one thing distinctive to all of them. That’s right; you immediately know who they are because they brand their sandwiches with a wrapping package that shows their logo to the world. Given a large number of people who buys sandwiches for […]

14Dec 2018

Hot drink cups have become part of our daily life. The advent of coffee shops led to a much higher percentage of people starting to drink their coffee and other hot beverages on the go. As a result, the number of hot cups disposed of every year has increased considerably. In order for a traditional […]

09Jul 2018

Clean label has reinforced the demand for simplicity and higher quality ingredients and while there seems to be no clear industry consensus on the features that constitute a “clean label”, most of the food companies understand the fact that a clean label should be fully understandable by their customer base at first sight. People care […]