Benefits of Compostable Street Food Packaging | Cafebrands

Street Food plays a significant role in today’s modern busy lifestyle.

The growing demand for easy, fast, on-the-move food and drink and the massive increase of the available choices means that the market in terms of street food packaging is higher than ever before.

Due to the growing disturbing news regarding ocean plastic pollution, consumers are now more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices. The spotlight is on items like plastic straws, coffee cups and polystyrene-based food packaging.

The street food revolution is influencing innovations in packaging, and Compostable Street Food Packaging is on the front seat.

If you own a street-side establishment that sells food to the public, you should consider investing in compostable street food packaging to do your bit for the environment.

The whole point of using biodegradable and compostable sandwich packaging and other food packaging solutions is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic. As a street food vendor, you can ask your supplier to replace your regular food packaging with “greener”, more environmentally friendly options.

Here are some of the advantages of using compostable street food packaging:

  • Reduced Ocean Pollution:

National Geographic reported that oceans are polluted with over 18 billion pounds of one-time-use plastic food packaging. Plastic is one of the biggest culprits behind ocean pollution and using compostable food packaging goes a long way in helping with that situation.

  • Reduced Landfill Mass:

In most countries, there are no measures to deal with plastic waste. Plastic waste usually ends up in landfills that can never be cleared out. It can take thousands of years for a simple plastic plate to decompose. It is highly unlikely that the human race even has that much time unless we take drastic measures to reduce pollution.

  • Avoid Toxins:

Plastics are not only bad for the environment but also for the human body. By avoiding the use of regular plastic food packaging, you are preventing contact with harmful toxins that are found in lower quality plastic packaging products.

One of the best things about compostable food packaging is that it is not only better for the environment, but the overall quality of the product is better too.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a shot, so contact us today!