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Plastic is a problem; it´s true that it´s convenient, food safe and easy to use regarding food packaging but each year 8m tonnes of it end up in the ocean, and it´s predicted that 30 years from now there will be more plastic at sea than fish. This situation is not sustainable in the long run, so alternatives are needed, and this is where Compostable Packaging enters the game.

So, what is Compostable Packaging?

Plates, cups, boxes, disposable cutlery: just take a walk in the food court of a mall to come across a lot of this kind of material, so practical and common day to day. What many people don´t know, however, is that those items can be manufactured from natural materials and not plastic. As this type of production entails in biodegradable objects, its discarding culminates in the degradation of residues by bacteria and subsequent transformation into organic compound.

Compostable packaging is no longer just a passing trend or relegated to just big companies. Both the big players in the industry and the small start-up companies are setting the bar high and choosing compostable packaging materials for their products.

What’s the price for Compostable Packaging compared to Traditional one?

Although prices vary according to the specificities of the project, the prices of the composite materials are higher than of the traditional flexible packaging.

Today, companies do not have a problem with consumers, who consider the additional cost of green packaging as value added, especially if they fit into any of the following situations:

  • Top cost products

  • Natural/Organic Products Companies

  • Ecological and/or sustainable practices are part of the company’s culture and brand history.

Things are changing regarding food packaging, mentalities are changing, and it´s about time.

We, at Cafe Brands, are doing our part.

We supply Irelands largest range of compostable packing & catering disposables designed specifically for the food service industry.

All of our compostable packagings are 100% natural and 100% compostable, being fully certified to European Composting Standard EN13432.

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