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Catering is big business, a multi-faceted trade that caters to consumers, businesses, and so much more. Due to the changing times, much emphasis is put on the eco-side of packaging and supplies, since we have more awareness on sustainability and the environment like never before.

That being said, catering businesses have a duty of care, like others, to make better choices these days when it comes to environmentally friendly alternatives. And therefore, taking note of the long-term and short-term benefits of sustainable choices is not only adhering to customer demand but also rewarding for business potential.

What consumers want!

Due to the rise in awareness, consumers are no longer only seeking good food but also a caterer who is responsible with its approach to sustainable packaging and how it`s processed efficiently. People want to see fewer plastics, the “evil” of all packaging materials, which has led to significant impacts on our oceans and sea life and which also clogs landfills since its biodegradable functionality is rather inefficient. Instead, people want to see caterers doing their bit for the environment by making more responsible choices.

How biodegradable will benefit business potential!

Some major food chains, particularly fast food places and organic grocery stores, have already made some major steps to help the environment, and the benefits of doing so has presented its advantageous side already, its improved sales! Most likely due to happy customers raving about it and spreading the word far and wide, consider this some free marketing!

Eco-friendly catering disposables are made from recycled resources so that natural ones can be reserved, unlike plastics, which are made from petroleum components biodegradable uses natural plant-based components. The biodegradable approach is very efficient as it relies on renewable resources, and all materials used are able to be recycled, hence a continuous process that is earth-friendly and will benefit generations for years to come.

Future generations!

We have to consider the harsh impact our lifestyle choices have had on the world we live in today. Of course, we wouldn’t have known how significant this would be initially because it’s taken years to present itself. Still, now that awareness is apparent, it’s our responsibility to try to rectify these damages by making better- more responsible- choices so that our future generations do not suffer the consequences.

What we are seeing today is that the more businesses that join forces to make responsible changes, the more awareness it raises. And already we are seeing a massive shift in consumer attitude when it comes to shopping habits, many preferring eco-friendly food packaging choices as though it’s almost becoming second nature to do so.