Today’s Food Packaging Trends | Cafebrands

Society has changed extensively the last couple of years, today more-so than ever people are practicing Eco-Friendly lifestyles. Living a greener way of life has become somewhat a trend and for many its second nature these days to simply go green.

Most people are aware of the damage already caused to our environment, and although recycling has been promoted and practiced for many years, these days’ people are paying more attention to the environmental impact of what they consume both in terms of ingredients and packaging. The demand for biodegradable and compostable product ranges is on the up and retailers are adhering to that demand like never before.

The great news is that going green is a trend that is here to stay!

Let’s explore how food packaging in today’s society is setting a new trend, and how it’s more sustainable, yet doesn’t compromise on style.

Fast Food and Delivery

Ordering a Takeaway is a simple option for many, it’s convenient at times and due to changes in tech it’s so much easier to order than previous times. We have Online Apps with a multiple choice of restaurants to order from, all offering easy access to menus. Nobody is forgotten, you can literally order to suit all tastes, even health-conscious, vegetarians and allergy sufferers are catered for.

The modernisation of the fast-food industry has led to its increase in popularity and when you judge how much packaging that would involve, it’s no surprise really that Eco-friendly Options are a growing trend.

Retailers are favouring new-look designs with biodegradable packaging; the basic functions are as ever-present (whereas food is kept warm and leak-proof during delivery), but the design is taking a trendier appeal. Catering disposables can be designed to fit the narrative whilst offering a sustainable alternative.

Food on the go has become more popular due to its offering of healthier alternatives. Wraps, sandwiches, and salads, etc. are not only offering healthier choices to consumers; they are also packaged greener too. People these days want to see what they are buying, and therefore, Eco food packaging offers more transparency within design. We tend to see clear windows with more visibility and this, in turn, offers consumer confidence.

Branding is the key to success for any business, especially within a competitive market; all brands want to show their best attributes in order to stand out from the rest. Customer preferences have changed over the years, mostly due to how Millennials use social media to share their daily lives with the world. Picking a clever design and sending out a message that is fitting into today’s society is one way to get ahead of the game.