Top Reasons Smart Businesses are Switching to Eco-Friendly Packaging

We are all acutely aware that the world is teetering on the edge of an environmental disaster. None too soon, this awareness has seen consumers increasingly make purchasing decisions based on the “environmental ethos” of a business.

Packaging is one of the most visible aspects of business operations. It is also one of the worst offenders when it comes to needless waste. Consumers are very much aware of this.

From this point alone, it is easy to see why all smart businesses are already cleaning up their act when it comes to packaging waste. But the benefits of using eco-friendly packaging don’t stop there!

This article lists some powerful reasons why all companies should switch to eco-friendly packaging.

1.    The single-use plastic problem

Let’s leave business aside for the moment and look at perhaps the most compelling reason to switch to eco-friendly packaging – The sheer wastefulness and harm done by traditional packaging.

The use of plastics in packaging has been rife for decades and is simply unsustainable. Our oceans, landfill, and landscapes are awash with the stuff, and plastic that had a useful life of perhaps a couple of days will be clogging up our planet for centuries to come.

Without even considering the sheer waste of resources and the carbon footprint from the manufacturing process, this is reason enough that any smart business should switch to biodegradable, compostable packaging.

2.    Establish your business as socially responsible and environmentally aware

From a business point of view, it is an absolute no-brainer to switch to biodegradable packaging. The visibility of packaging is the ideal medium not just to let consumers know that your business uses responsible packaging but can also be used to tell consumers about other steps your business is taking to reduce its carbon footprint.

In competitive marketplaces, simple things like changing your packaging to reflect the mood of consumers can give companies a vital edge over the competition.

3.    Keep ahead of legislation

Already we have seen governments all around the world introducing new legislation aimed at tackling this precise problem. It is highly likely that sooner rather than later, legislation banning plastic packaging and/or prohibitive taxes and duties will all but end the era of single-use plastic packaging.

Companies that leave this change until the last minute could face huge logistical problems as they attempt to change packaging and source suppliers in a time of huge demand.

4.    Eco-friendly packaging has no health concerns

While the risk from plastic packaging may be slight, the consensus amongst health authorities and scientists is that it does exist. There are no such health risks associated with eco-friendly packaging.

Most plastics are chemical-laden and contain a huge number of different synthetic molecules, many of which have known carcinogenic properties.

5.    It’s all about the product!

You may produce the tastiest sandwich, salad, or burger on the High Street, but if it is poorly presented, then nobody will know.

Eco-friendly packaging isn’t just good for the environment. It is good for your food too! They say the first bite is with the eyes, and compostable packaging can help to drum up business by giving your food the presentation it deserves.

6.    It’s a cost-effective solution

Finally, all this is meaningless if switching to environmental packaging eats away at that most important of figures – The bottom line.

Not only is eco-friendly packaging sustainable, biodegradable, and good for business, it also compares favourably with traditional packaging when it comes to costs. Even in instances where it might be a slightly more expensive option, this is usually easily offset by the increase in business generated by beautifully presented products that appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Wrapping it up

Smart businesses keep moving forward by understanding the “consumer zeitgeist” and positioning themselves to take advantage of it. The fact that, in this instance, following consumer trends is also great for the planet is a huge plus.

At Cafe Brands, we can help with all your packaging needs. All our green products are manufactured using 100% natural and completely compostable materials.

Keep your business ahead of the game by switching to eco-friendly packaging. Your customers and the planet will thank you.