The Importance of the Packaging’s Presentation and Functionality

Each year, food brands invest thousands of euros to keep up with times in terms of packaging functionality, design and engineering to make their clients happy and coming back for more. Established products usually keep classic elements of their design that make them recognisable for their customer base as they improve their presentation and diversify their offering.

The food packaging should sell itself. So, to keep your products in the minds of your clients and attract potential new ones, here are a few pointers to make the road to this more approachable and easier for you. Here’s what you should do:

Understand your Product

Knowing every detail about the product you are selling is always a good start. You’ll know the market you are aiming for, as well as your customer base.

This will facilitate the process of picking the style and identity of your brand as well as every single aspect related to the proper package of the product when it comes to size, portions or servings (if needed), shape and the best materials to keep it appealing and fresh.

Think About an Outstanding Presentation

In the food industry, consumers tend to “eat with their eyes” and make their own ideas about the flavour of everything they buy before actually tasting it first. This is why so many offerings in the market have “windows” to exhibit the product being offered. Customers can check for themselves if the goods are fresh and look appetizing enough to buy and consume.

Also, having the food delivered in visually appealing packaging, makes them believe that it actually tastes even better.

Make the Packaging Functional and Durable

Functionality is closely tied to durability: a product that is not properly packaged will not get to the customer’s hands in proper shape and at optimal conditions.

The more durable the package, the more likely your product will reach your customers in the most ideal state.

The Clean Label Concept – Deliver a Clear Message to Your Customers

People these days crave information when it comes to the products they buy. A functional package delivers all the information that is important to the client. This info is usually specially positioned where you know it will be read by the consumer.

While there are currently certain food industry standards that you need to follow depending on the type of product you are offering, make sure to add nutritional values, basic ingredients, information about specific features such as gluten presence on the product or the use of organic ingredients on it.

There are also other considerations you need to have related to your product such as the type of material used on it, the flexibility, storage distributions and shelf life. Be mindful of these features, and you’ll be on the road to success.

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